Henon Sauna-1

Forest Sauna

Forest Sauna


7 m²


Two teir


Seats up to 6


9kw Electric or 12kw Wood fired

Internal Cladding

Knot free alder cladding

External Cladding

Black Larch or natural cladding


LED internal & external lighting

The Forest Sauna has it’s internal benches orientated across two levels, this creates access to greater thermal range as you move between the top and bottom tier.

The sauna can be wood fired or electrically heated and comes with all the accessories you’ll need to start feeling the health benefits.

Externally a cold water shower can be added, it’s the perfect way to refresh yourself between sessions and deepen the restorative process.

The external cladding is burnt using an ancient technique called Shou-Sugi ban, this not only preserves the wood but gives it a beautiful texture and carbon black colour.

The benches look out through a large glazed landscape window. The door can be placed on either side of the sauna to suit the site.

  1. Top Tier Bench
  2. Bottom Bench
  3. Heater
  4. Optional Deck & Shower



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