Mature larch can grow to 30m and live for 250 years. It is fairly fast growing and offers a good alternative to slower-growing hardwoods, which can take decades or even centuries to reach maturity.

Although classed as a softwood it is renowned for its impressive strength-to-weight ratio and high resin content making it as durable as many hardwoods.


We use larch for the external cladding on our saunas, often burning the surface first with an ancient Japanese technique called Shou Sugi Ban. This acts as a natural protection whilst blackening the surface.


Originating from North America, Douglas Fir was introduced to the UK in 1827 by botanist David Douglas. On the west coast Douglas Fir has been known to live up to 1500 years, and reach 85 metres.

Douglas Fir is renowned for its strength, having the highest strength to weight ratio of any wood species along with exceptional durability.

Douglas forms important structural details in our saunas, we often use it for exposed roof rafters and purlins. It has an attractive red/brown colour, that if left exposed to the elements will slowly weather silver.