Out of the Valley

Natural architecture & construction using modern wood technologies & traditional craft to create hand made cabins, dwellings, interiors & furniture.

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Bringing together ancient craftsmanship and modern construction techniques

Out of the Valley create buildings, furniture and interiors that connect people with the rhythms of nature. Working with the beauty and durability of wood, our design-led structures invite a transformative return to a simpler way of living and a renewed affinity with the land. Uniting modern construction techniques with a deep respect for traditional craftsmanship, everything we make is designed to endure and bring joy for generations to come.

Elegant, timeless creations,
designed to last many lifetimes

If you have a project that you would love to bring to fruition, Out of the Valley can help make it a reality. Our talented craftspeople – who have expertise across many complementary disciplines, from architecture to timber framing, joinery and cabinet making – can handle every detail of your build from start to finish.

We pay close attention to the details that matter. From our design-led ethos to our expertise with environmentally friendly locally sourced natural materials, when you work with Out of the Valley you can expect a premium service, tailored exactly to your needs, and a build of the highest quality. 

Our offerings

Comprising architects, designers and craftspeople, the Out of the Valley team are experts in timber construction and have a wealth on knowledge in off-grid technologies and the principles of biophilic design – that is, the design of structures that invite their inhabitants to connect with the surrounding natural landscape. We bring this specialist knowledge and wisdom to every project we undertake.

Rupert McKelvie

Founding Director


Rupert spent much of his childhood playing with wood shavings and offcuts in his parents’ workshop in the Gloucestershire countryside. (He still has the first table he ever made.) It was this love of the material that led him to study sustainable design in Falmouth and then classical boat building in Dorset, where he learned centuries-old woodcraft techniques from the masters. After four years spent working for design houses and furniture workshops in London, Rupert relocated to Devon in 2015, where he built his first cabin. He founded Out of the Valley in 2016.

Luke Carnaby

Operations Manger


After time spent working as an architectural assistant at Moon, Luke sought to follow his passion for hands-on designing and making. He found the right place. A keen surfer who enjoys nothing better than being at the mercy of mother nature, Luke’s championing of organic materials in his projects made him a perfect choice for the Out of the Valley team. He joined us in 2018 to lead the architectural side of our practice, bringing with him a meticulous eye for detail.


Out of the Valley have raised the bar in the market for bespoke cabins. See them more as pieces of furniture, beautifully detailed and exquisitely built, with materials and finishes designed for a lifetime.

Niall Maxwell, Rural office for architecture, RIBA house of the year 2017

Rupert is an artist. His understanding of form, materials and texture and how a sustainably built space can integrate into the natural environment, to create something of beauty, is to be admired. It’s not just what his spaces look like, it’s how they feel - how they work from an aesthetic as well as practical point of view. These are spaces designed not to be looked at, but to be used and enjoyed, for many years to come. I would recommend Out of the Valley to anyone looking for creativity and flourishes of design detail and craftsmanship, and who will relish the process of collaborating and developing something truly special.

Tom Dixon, Co-founder Canopy & Stars