Out of the Valley

Out of the Valley

It started with a single cabin, built in a deep wooded valley by the river Teign, on the edge of Dartmoor in England. Driven by a desire to embrace off-grid living in close connection with nature, Rupert constructed the cabin as a home for himself, where he could enjoy a simpler way of living.

Word soon spread, and others were interested in similar sanctuaries for themselves. And so Out of the Valley was born.

The time he spent inhabiting this idyllic spot between moorland and river sparked an urge to share this way of living with others, leading to the journey of his work ‘out of the valley’ – where its roots will always remain – and into the wider world.

Comprising architects, designers and craftspeople, the Out of the Valley team are experts in bio-construction and have a wealth of knowledge in off-grid technologies and the principles of biophilic design – that is, the design of structures that invite their inhabitants to connect with the surrounding natural landscape.

We bring this specialist knowledge and wisdom to every project we undertake.

We hold to a conviction that less is more, and that low-footprint, clutter-free living is not only more environmentally and economically sound, but good for the soul.

Wood, sourced locally, will always be our primary material – its organic, tactile quality, its smell, its warmth and beauty are a constant source of joy for us, and inspire everything we make.

Forest Sauna X-14
cabin model on a rock in a dartmoor river

At Out of the Valley we believe that we can only thrive if we treat the earth with kindness, and give back what we borrow from it. This is why we dedicate ourselves to replenishing and nurturing the landscape in our little patch of Devon.

beech forest

4000 native trees now surround our founding workshop, planted by us to offset our timber use. In harmony with our efforts to rewild our surrounding land, this reforestation will help biodiversity to flourish along the riverside and in the fields. The coppiced timber from our fledgling woodlands also provides a renewable fuel source for our activities.

off grid tiny wooden nomad cabin with black cladding in a sunny field

We plan to build more cabins in our future woodland, and welcome guests for courses in self-sufficiency and green construction techniques. Please contact us to be updated when these are ready to launch.