Moutain Sauna

Mountain Sauna

Mountain Sauna


Seats up to 10


£70,000 + vat


15kw Electric or 20kw Wood fired

Internal Cladding

Thermo Alder

External Cladding



Warm white internal & external LED lighting

Our mountain sauna lifts many of the design details from our Nomad range of cabins, large eave overhangs create weather protection and create its distinctive Japanese aesthetic.

The sauna is framed by its oversized picture window connecting the bathing experience to the surroundings. Externally the black cladding creates a distinctive style and helps the sauna blend into its landscape, the warmth of the interior contrasts with this.

The integrated changing room provides a place to change away from the weather.

  1. Upper Bench
  2. Lower Bench
  3. Heater
  4. Changing Room

Cost: £70,000 + vat



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