Merula Sauna

Merula Sauna


Medium & Large


From £35,000 + vat


Electric or Wood fired

Internal Cladding

Thermo Alder

External Cladding

Burnt Larch


LED internal & external lighting

The Merula Sauna has a floor to ceiling and wall to wall panoramic window, bringing the outside in.

Externally theres a well lit deck that acts as changing area and place to hang robes and towels.

Externally the sauna is clad in charred black cladding which helps it to sit modestly into the landscape. Internally the Thermo Alder panelling creates a beautiful wooden environment and helps regulate humidity, whilst being comfortable to the touch.

The Merula sauna takes its latin name from the Blackbirds that are found in the valley.

Model: Large (4-6 person)

The seating is orientated across two levels, with the top bench achieving the highest temperatures.

  1. Top Tier Bench
  2. Bottom Bench
  3. Heater
  4. Deck
  5. Optional Shower

Cost: £45,000 + vat



Merula - Large

Model: Medium (3-4 person)

  1. Top Tier Bench
  2. Bottom Bench
  3. Heater
  4. Deck

Cost: £35,000 + vat

Merula - Compact