Quarry Sauna-2

Quarry Sauna

Quarry Sauna

Project Type



Constantine, Cornwall


12 Person


Electric IKI 14kw


Oak, Copper, Alder, Slate, Granite

Perched in a tranquil oasis created within a decommissioned Cornish granite quarry, a bespoke sauna designed to weather and soften into its waterside setting and become more beautiful with time. Our clients sought a health-giving refuge that would provide comfort year-round, including through the bitterest of British winters.

The building’s carefully chosen palette of natural materials will only improve with age, from its larch cladding to the custom copper fish scale tiles that adorn its roof, that will mellow from rust brown to verdigris as the years pass.

Quarry Sauna-6

Resting on plinths hewn from quarry stone, the oak-framed structure is built close to the edge of a spring-fed swimming spot fringed with foxgloves and ferns, providing easy access to its bracing waters between sessions.

A generous gable window connects those luxuriating in the sauna’s soothing heat to immersive views of the quarry, inviting them into peaceful intimacy with the surrounding landscape. Panelling and benches are crafted from handsome alder wood, whose unique properties keep it a comfortable temperature against bare skin.