Bathing in the heat of a wooden sauna brings benefits to the mind and body through a therapeutic passive heat ritual.

All our saunas are built using natural and sustainable materials, whilst adopting modern design and envelope details to create highly energy efficient and robust buildings.

Large glazed windows bring an intimate level of connection to the surrounding landscape as you bathe in the sauna experience.

Ordering your Sauna is easy.


Choose your sauna 

Our prefabricated saunas have been designed to meet the needs of different settings, take a look through the collection and choose the sauna that best meets your requirements. We also offer a bespoke design service, so if you can’t see what you’re looking for, get in touch and we’ll work on something project specific.


  • Wood fired or Electrically heated
  • Cold feed shower
  • Door Orientation

We build your sauna 

Once you’ve approved the specification and quote, your sauna is built and finished with care by our team of skilled craftspeople at the Out of the Valley workshops in Devon. As well as making installation more straightforward prefabricating our saunas enables us to ensure the highest possible level of finish.

We pride ourselves on building with:

  • Hand-selected sustainable materials
  • Natural insulations and finishes
  • High quality hardware

We deliver your sauna 

When your sauna is ready and passed our workshop checks, we’ll transport it to your chosen site. We have become well practised in the most challenging of install locations, if necessary we’ll arrange a site visit and check access and also that the necessary groundworks and services are in place to receive it. From here, our team will install it with specialist equipment, and that’s it – your new sauna is ready for you to enjoy.

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  • Wood Fired or Electrically heater

  • Heaters and Materials

  • Ventilation

  • The cost of running your sauna

  • Barrel Saunas vs Out of the Valley saunas

  • Delivery to Europe

  • Customisation and Bespoke work

  • Lifespan

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  • Harsh Environments

  • Ordering and Payment plan

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