Out of the Valley

Natural architecture & construction using modern wood technologies & traditional craft to create hand made cabins, dwellings, interiors & furniture.

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Considered spaces built from natural materials

We believe that spending time living close to the earth in wooden buildings that respond to the environment has the potential to inspire positive change, on both an individual and broader level.  Out of the Valley’s aim is to create spaces that bring the occupant back in tune with the natural cycles of nature.


Low impact architecture and design

We are passionate about space and the poetic rhythm of architecture, our work is bespoke and draws influence from traditional craftsmanship and vernacular precedents. We use biophilic design principles & off-grid technologies to create carbon negative buildings that connect with their surroundings.


Foundations to furniture

Our designs carry though to the interiors and furniture, our focus is to use organic materials and textures to bring a refined tactile quality to our work. This creates a sense of harmony that travels from the outside in.


Natural materials selected by hand

Our materials are selected by hand, often from surrounding woods. We are focussed on using ecological building technologies, natural treatments and finishes, and modern innovative construction solutions.


Designs that respond to place

Our work is about the wild but that can be honoured in any setting, from remote outposts to city gardens. Our work responds to the environment it inhabits, its about creating a refuge, a sanctuary.