The Nomad combines the appealing simplicity and environmental consciousness of a small footprint building with design-led aesthetics and luxurious comfort.

As with everything we make at Out of the Valley, it is constructed with the utmost awareness of the earth, using low carbon materials and processes wherever possible.

Creating your Nomad is easy.

off grid tiny wooden nomad cabin office with black cladding, outdoor chairs and table on wooden deck


In your initial design consultation with our team, we’ll have an in-depth chat about your wants, needs and aspirations. You will help you choose the specification that best meets your budget – and we can advise on planning permission (though Nomads often don’t require it). You’ll be able to personalise your cabin by selecting from a range of finishes, fixtures and fittings.

Among other options, you can pick your preferred:

  • Materials
  • Furniture
  • Appliances & stoves
  • Colour palette
cabin model on a rock in a dartmoor river


Once you’ve approved the design and specification, your Nomad is built and finished with care by our team of skilled craftspeople at the Out of the Valley workshops in Devon. As well as making installation more straightforward, prefabricating our Nomad Cabins enables us to ensure the highest possible level of finish, while also delivering better value for you.

We pride ourselves on building with:

  • Hand-selected local materials
  • Precision & skill
  • Natural paints & finishes
off grid tiny wooden nomad cabin with black cladding in a sunny field


When it’s passed our quality checks and been given our final seal of approval, we transport your finished Nomad Cabin from our workshops to your chosen site. From here, our expert team will install it with specialist equipment and arrange and services required, from electricity to water. And that’s it – your new cabin is ready for you to enjoy.

This ‘cassette’ panel is a key building block of a Nomad Cabin. Used in the walls, floor and roof, it provides insulation, weatherproofing and breathability, for a comfortable and energy efficient internal environment.

Free of harmful toxins, the panel is made from wood and plant based insulations, for a building that’s as healthy as it is functional.

While Nomad Cabins can be connected to the mains grid, they are perfectly suited for off-grid living, which is easier today than ever thanks to a new wave of innovative green technologies on the market.

Our team can guide you through various renewable options for your Nomad, from solar power to composting toilets, rainwater harvesting and grey water recycling.

Our Nomad Cabins take design inspiration from the historic, hardy timber farm buildings and mountain huts of central Europe. With expansive feature windows to bring the outdoors in and generous eaves, they combine utilitarian functionality with elegant proportions and fine attention to detail.

Each Nomad is inherently adaptable, so that it can change with the times and be cherished for generations.