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Natural architecture & construction using modern wood technologies & traditional craft to create hand made cabins, dwellings, interiors & furniture.

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The Nomad Cabin

Live, work or play off-grid with a Nomad Cabin. As comfortable on a heather-strewn Scottish glen as in your back garden, our prefabricated, movable cabins offer the ideal way to immerse yourself in nature. Handcrafted to the highest standards from home grown timber and fully customisable, each one is made with the utmost care in our Devon workshops.

What are Nomad
Cabins ?

A Nomad Cabin is at home anywhere. Our range of prefabricated, movable wooden cabins are made for off-grid living and adventures in nature. Customisable and adaptable, you can choose the details that suit you, and make your Nomad your own – whether you are after a holiday retreat, a place to put down roots or a home office. 

The Nomad combines the appealing simplicity and environmental consciousness of a functional, small footprint building with design-led aesthetics, high-end finishes and luxurious comfort. As with everything we make at Out of the Valley, it is constructed with the utmost respect for the earth, using eco-friendly techniques and locally-sourced timbers.

The Collection

The Single Nomad

The is the original prefabricated, deployable self contained Nomad cabin. It features all the amenities of a home enclosed within a much smaller footprint.

The Single Nomad can be either on or off-grid and customised with a range of materials and fittings inside and out. It can be purchased and used by itself or combined with one of the secondary cabins such as a sauna or home office featured later.

The Office Nomad

Working from home is becoming increasingly necessary. Avoiding that nightmare commute, saving on shop-bought lunches, and getting to spend more time with the family are just some of its many benefits. But working from the kitchen table or the spare room is not always ideal and a dedicated work space, outside of the main house, can be a pragmatic solution.

Talk with our team: we will provide a custom layout of built-in desk space, furniture and storage to make a functional and beautiful workplace.

The Double Nomad

For those wanting to utilise the flexibility and functionality of the Nomad cabin but retain the moveability and low impact, combining two of the single options, connected via the outside deck, might be an excellent solution.

Whether its an extra bedroom and a studio or a greenhouse and home office, the Nomad cabins can join together to create an interesting layout and central space without the need for months of building work and disruption.

Additional Double Nomads

In these options, two Nomad cabins fit side by side with a glazed passageway linking the two spaces. This creates a much more generous open-plan space that could comfortably fit a family of four, with the kids sharing the bed deck above the bathroom.

The layout features a more private bedroom and bathroom area to the rear and a kitchen, living, and dining area to the front, which opens onto the front and side decking.

The Sauna Nomad

Finland, with it’s sweeping snowy vistas and breathtaking auroras has been voted the worlds happiest country 3 years in a row.

The happiness of the Finnish people is shown to be the result of citizen well-being primarily summarised by social support networks and good health- coincidently Finland is also the birthplace of sauna and has retained and promoted this cultural past-time into the 21st century. According to the Finnish Sauna Society the sauna is considered the very source of energy and health in Finland.

The UK climate is perfect for embracing all the benefits of sauna culture and the Nomad Sauna provides a flexible and beautiful space to relax and soak up the Scandinavian lifestyle.

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