off grid tiny wooden nomad cabin with black cladding in a sunny field

Nomad Original

Nomad Original




Self contained cabin


£85,000 Inc. VAT + Shipping

Our original Nomad Cabin is made for one or two people, it brings together all of the amenities of a comfortable home within a stylish small-footprint dwelling. Adaptable to your tastes, budget and needs, it can be customised with a large range of fixtures, fittings and materials both inside and out.

While the Nomad Original has everything you need for enjoyable self-contained living, it can be easily combined with one of our secondary cabins. Why not add a Nomad Sauna or Nomad Studio ?

Nomad Original

We’re perfectionists. With clever built-in storage and a meticulously considered layout, every inch of the Nomad Original has been designed to maximise space.

  1. Services
  2. Bathroom
  3. Kitchen
  4. Living Area
  5. Storage
  6. Wood Burner
  7. Decking
tiny home self contained nomad cabin floor plan showing living area, bathroom, kitchen, mezzanine bedroom and outdoor deck