Nomad Forest Sauna

Nomad Forest Sauna

Nomad Forest Sauna


6 m²


4 person sauna


12 kw Wood or Electric

Make like the Finnish – who have around one sauna for every two members of the population – and embrace this health-giving pastime. The flexible and elegant Nomad Forest Sauna is a beautiful space in which to melt away those daily stresses. Configure yours with your own personalised details to make it all the more special.

Built on a raised steel chassis, the sauna is delivered ready to use. A large picture window frames the views out while internally the solid timber panelling and benches give the space a tranquil feel.

Once switched on the sauna will be hot and ready to use in 30 minut

  1. Heater
  2. Benches
  3. Deck & changing area
NFS_Floor Plan_No Dims copy
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