Walnut sediment table



Inspired by aerial photographs of the earth’s rivers and lakes from space, the Sediment tables explore ideas of patination and deposit lines left by flowing liquids. Each Sediment table is individually hand crafted, the tabletop is made through a complex process, which had taken many weeks to perfect. The process uses bronze, oils and our weather; involving the natural chemical reaction that takes place through oxidization. Each tabletop composition is entirely unique, the process creating a different effect each time. Encased in glass, the composition underneath continues to evolve, slowly becoming more intricate and detailed with each year as the piece responds to the atmosphere. The Sediment table is, in effect, a living piece; the process continues, the patina deepens and the composition becomes richer as further subtlety in the tones emerge.

Additional information

Dimensions 52 x 52 x 51 cm